Yarra River Coffinworks Haunted House

Within the Burnley Circus site, an abandoned coffin factory was discovered!  Brave souls journeyed into the building, a damp and musty place infested with spiders, rats, snakes and the endless screams of the undead.  Will you make it out alive!

Enter if you dare! 

Scare Factor: EXTREME!
Recommended age: 13yrs +
Open from 6pm-11pm Friday and Saturday, 6pm-10pm Sunday.

Tickets: $25 Plus service fee

The moon is bright and full.  The night is silent except for the faint sound of howling in the distance.  There is the trickling of waters as the Yarra River flows from the majestic mountains in the distance to the entrance of the murky Melbourne CBD.

The water, once crystal clear pristine and pure undergoes a terrible metamorphosis as it leaves the mountain and prepares for the CBD.  It is thick, brown and foul smelling.  Some say it is radioactive and that the noxious fumes are not only caused by human pollution but by human decay as well.

The river is only the beginning of the journey, however.  The newly discovered Yarra Coffinworks are the main attraction awaiting the foolhardy who dare to enter.  For in the dark, damp night, well beneath the ground, the underground factory tunnels twist through what many think is hell on earth but are a haven for creatures of the night.

In the stillness of the dark, enter if you dare.  Be forewarned that you are leaving into an old burial factory that is off-limits where disease, death, and the undead abound.  The chill of the unknown will grip your very soul and your mind will not be your own and the winds will penetrate fear to your inner being.

Beware of the fumes that rise up to greet you for they are foul and not safe.  Beware the wet grounds below your feet that can engulf you at any moment.

Watch your step as you will surely encounter those who have tread before you and did not fare well on their journey.  Never mind the hands that reach from the depths of the staunch thick brown mud.  They cannot be saved so do not even try to help them.  No…you should help yourself instead.

Disregard the screams, the gnashing of teeth, the violent shrills that come from the earth above and beneath you.  Tune out the whispers of evil and the screams of death or you will surely lose your sanity before you reach the end…if there is an end.

The light you will see radiates from the headstones where the zombies’ gravestones lay.  Don’t worry.  Their souls are not there.  They have moved on to float about in the air, the very air that you will breathe.  Only their spirits remain in the grave.  Be sure not to step on them though.  If your foot so much as touches a gravestone, the zombie spirits will find a new place of rest… within you.

Step over the dismembered parts that litter the walkway.  Watch your step so you do not disturb their death slumber.  Keep your head low – away from the vampire bats though.  One bite and you will become their own.

Come…journey the tunnels of the Yarra River Coffinworks..  The adventure of a lifetime awaits you beneath the bubbling, murky waters.  Once you return…If you return, you will never, ever be the same.

Will YOU make it out alive?